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Options for Schools

The Pre-16 and Schools Team has a long and successful history of working in partnership with local secondary and 发送 schools and academies to provide bespoke, discrete courses as well as infill opportunities onto our Post-16 courses for individual Year 11 students.

We work with schools to tailor and design a programme that best fits the needs of a school/academy and the interests and aptitudes of students.

All of our popular choices for schools and academies are available in the following curriculum areas: 艺术和设计, Applied Science, 汽车, 业务, Catering and Hospitality, 建设, 早期, 工程, 头发, 美, 信息通信技术, Music, Performing Arts, SLDD, Sports and Travel and Tourism.


Progress 8 Qualifications

These courses give students the opportunity to add a vocational dimension to their learning programme and develop employability skills, vocational knowledge and skills whilst still achieving nationally recognised qualifications that count towards KS4 Progress 8 measures. 课程 and qualifications are available in the curriculum areas listed above and delivered by specialist tutors with industry experience.

Year 11 Infill Programme

We offer a number of placements for students in Year 11 looking for a fresh start and the opportunity to undertake an intensive vocational learning programme. 学生 on these programmes infill into our full-time, post-16 provision and gain vocational knowledge, understanding and skills and work towards nationally recognised qualifications at Level 1 or 2 and gain a range of employability skills. If required, these placements also include English and maths at either Functional Skill or 普通中等教育证书考试 level depending on a student’s prior learning and knowledge.

The School Links Programme

The Schools Links Programme aims to improve the skills of students who are working below or towards level 1 to both develop practical skills and help with students’ transition to college. The programme offers 2 pathways.

1 – Vocational taster programmes These consist of a variety of short practical taster courses to give students an experience of College life. Tasters are available in a number of vocational areas and can be tailored to the interests and abilities of students. These courses are non-accredited however, students do receive a certificate of participation.

2 – Entry Level and Level 1 课程 These accredited courses can be offered across a number of vocational areas including: Life Skills, Household Skills, 感觉, 汽车, 头发和美丽, 早期, 艺术和设计, 建设, 信息通信技术 and Creative Media.

Find out more about all the courses on offer to school age students and how the Pre-16 and Schools Team support 14-16 year olds at Nottingham College by contacting a member of the team on: 0 ext 3511.

你可以 also download a school student application form here.

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