2nd Indian Cancer Congress 2017
Prof. P. Tripuraneni Prof. Jatin P Shah Prof. Martine Piccart Prof. M W Büchler Prof. Mahul B Amin
Prof. A Viswanathan Prof. Kazuhiro Yoshida Dr. Hope Rugo Prof. C. Hudis Prof. Nori Datareyudu
Prof. R. Govindan Prof. Amit Oza Prof. Udayan Guha Prof. Josef Heinz Prof. Sheela Rao
Prof. Suresh Jhanwar Prof. Alvaro Martinez Prof. Ismail Jatoi Prof. Ashok R Shaha Prof. C Are
Prof. B Konety Prof. Donald Weaver Prof. Han-Kwang Yang Prof. Nisar Syed Dr. A Narayana
Dr. Suma Konety
Day - 0
(Conference Workshop Day)
8:00-9:00  Surgical Video Session and Discussion (Marginal mandibulectomy,
Mandibulotomy , and Supromohyoid neck dissection.)
  Oral Cancer : Moderator: Dr. Ashok Shaha
9:00-9:30  Oral Cancer – An Overview : Speaker: Prof. Jatin Shah
9:30-10:30  Panel Discussion : Case discussion with focused points IFHNOS and ICC faculty
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 - 12:45 Thyroid Cancer : Moderator:  Dr. Ehab Hanna
11:00 – 12:30 Risk adapted strategy for the primary cancer: Prof. Jatin Shah
  Panel Discussion : Case based. IFHNOS and ICC Faculty 
1:30- 2:00   Nuances and future directions in Radiation oncology: Dr. Louis Harrison
2:00 – 2:30  New developments in Systemic Therapy : ICC speaker
2:30-3:00  Salvage surgery for non surgical treatment failures: Dr. Patrick Gullane
2:30-3:00  Panel Discussion : ORGAN Preservation 
3:00-3:30  Salivary Tumors : Speaker: Dr.Ehab Hanna
3:30-4:00  Panel Discussion : IFHNOS and ICC Faculty
4:00- 4:30      Coffee Break
4:30- 5:30 STUMP THE FACULTY : Moderator: Dr. Ashok Shaha IFHNOS & ICC  Operative techniques in Head and Neck Surgery, Tracheal resection for thyroid cancer    Superficial parotidectomy
5:30 – 6:30  Excision deep lobe parotid tumor
  Thyroidectomy with central node dissection
DAY -1
9 November 2017
08:15-09:10AM 09:30-09:50 09:50-10:30 10:30-10:50 10:50-11:40 11:40-12:05PM 12:10-1:30PM
HALL 1 Free Papers 12.10-12:45pm Oration-Dr Prabhakar Tripuraneni, " Failures, Success & Hope in Head and Neck Cancer"
12:50-1:30Pm Oration- Dr Jatin Shah: " Staging of Head and Neck Cancer"
Purpose, Process and Progress
08:15-09:10AM 09:15-09:35 AM 09:40-10:10AM 10:15-10:35AM 10:40-11:35AM 11:40-12:05PM 12:10-13:30PM
HALL 2 Head & Neck cancer Free Papers How Genomics Is Shaping Precision Medicine in Oncology" and its relevance in India context- Dr. Jeffrey S. Abram's (NCI) Ablative Surgery VS Organ Preservation advanced laryngeal cancers - Dr. Anil D'cruz vs RT (10mins) for each & take home message 10mins
HPV Oropharyngeal Cancers and their Management - Dr. Shankar Giri Panel Discussion : Management of Recurrence Post Primary Therapy. (Imaging, Surgical, Dr. Bhupesh Parashar Medical oncologist ) Year - end review in H&N Cancer
Med.onc Surgery
ICC Oration
ASCO - Symposium 9.30-12.10pm
8:30-9:30 08:15-09:10AM 9:15-9:35AM 9:40 to 10:10AM 10:15 to 11:00AM 11:05-11:35AM 11:40 to 12:05PM 12:10-13:30PM
HALL 3 Lung Cancer (Day1) Free Papers Treatment for Advanced Squamous Cell Ca – more hope???
Dr. S Ramalingam (USA)

Locally Advanced Adenocarcinoma - Upfront Targeted therapy vs. concurrent CT-RT (10mins) for each & take home message 10mins Novel RT approaches for lung cancer combining RT with targeted therapies.: Dr. Rengan - (20 mins) VATS interventional pulmonology and pleural diseases Dr. Sai Yendamuri - 20 mins
Panel Discussion: Advanced Lung cancer - Cutting Edge Practice (Surgeon RT, Medical Oncologist, Nuclear Medicine, Mol.Biology)
Year - end review in Lung Cancer
Med.onc Surgery
ICC Oration
08:15-09:10AM 09:15-10:15AM - FARO Symposium 10.20-11.35AM ACOS Symposium 11:40-12:05PM 12:10-13:30PM
HALL 4 Gastric cancer Free Papers Cancer GE junction 1. Primary Surgery Dr. Yoshida -(10 mins) 2. Primary Chemotherapy-10 mins Dr. Sheela Rao
3. Primary Chemoradiation -10 mins (RT) (
FARO) 4. Panel Discussion - Right approach for the right patient (30 mins) (surgeon RT, Medical oncologist, Imaging) Moderator Dr Sharma
Changing trends in Gastric Cancer in India Dr. Hemanth Raj -10 mins
1. Optimum treatment of Gastric Cancer - Role of surgical oncologist
Dr. Han-Kwang -20 mins
2. PET, CT, MRI & Endoscopic Ultra sound - 15 mins ? Gastro-entrologist
3.Systemic Therapy in advanced gastric cancer -20 mins -
Dr.Yeul Hong Kim
Discussion - (10 mins) (2 National Faculty)
Year - end review in Gastric Cancer
Med.onc Surgery
ICC Oration
08:15-09:10AM 09:15-9:25AM 9:30-10:25AM 10:30-11:20AM 11:25-12:05AM 12:10-13:30 PM
HALL 5 A paradigm shift - Molecular Basis for Cancer management - Are we precise enough? Free Papers Chairperson Prof Sharath Chandra Techniques to identify genetic mutation Prof Kondaiah, Professor, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore(10Mins) Hereditary Breast Cancer-Causative Genes (10Mins)(Strand) Surgery in HBC Dr. Ashutosh Kothari (10 m) Panel discussion – Management on Hereditary Breast Cancer-Bench to Bedside.
(Pathologist, Molecular biologist, Surgeon, Radiation, Medical oncologist & Genetic counselor)
(Strand) (30 Mins)
Next Generation sequencing in Metastatic Colo-Rectal Cancer- Is it what we are looking for!!!(10 Mins) (Core)
Panel discussion on management of Metastatic Colo-Rectal Cancer
(Pathologist, Molecular biologist, Surgeon, Radiation, Medical Oncologist & Genetic counselor)
(40 Mins) (Core)

Classification of Adeno Carcinoma Lung based on newer molecular markers (10 Mins) - Dr. Ramaswamy Govindan
Panel discussion on management on Metastatic Adeno Carcinoma Lung -
(Pathologist, Molecular Genomic
(Strand), Interventional Pulmonologist, Surgeon, Dr. Vijayakumar Srinivasan & Medical oncologist) (30 Mins)
No Session (ICC Orations)
08:15-09:10AM 09:15-12:05AM 2.30 to 04.30 pm 12.10 -1.30 pm
HALL 6 Clinical Trials Free Papers ICH GCP (R2): AND ITS IMPACT ON HOW TRIALS WILL BE RUN NOW ON Biggest Change in 20 years ICH GCP (R2) how will it impact the stakeholders VS Effective Indian GCP Guidelines- Ms. Mala Srivastava
Panel discussion
Things have changed and how will it impact global clinical trials
Risk Based Monitoring Pros & Cons, Auditor’s Perspective: Preparing for a Successful Audit/Inspection-
Mr. VG Somani, Dr. Harsha Doddihal, Ms. Vinaya Rao, Dr. Sudheer Balaraju, Mr. Abby Abraham, Dr. Gaurav Mathur CHANGING LANDSCAPE OF CLINICAL RESEARCH REGULATIONS FROM 2009 to NOW: Overview of Changes in Indian Regulations governing Clinical Research in India from 2009 to now :CF & AV Consenting, CT Inspections, Export and Import Biological Materials, SAE Reporting and Compensation for Clinical Trial related injury, Guidelines for Biosimilar, Role of Subject Expert Committees, Online Submissions, Handbook for Applicants and Reviewers Issued by ICMR & CDSCO-Dr. Saral Thangam Compliance to Changing Regulations in Indian Clinical Regulations from 2009 onwards Which are the aspects that have changed and how to ensure compliance - Ms. Rubina Bose, Dr. Raju Chacko, Dr. Kamal Saini, Dr. Shenaz Khaleeli, Dr. Jayashee
CHANGING REGULATION & ETHICS COMMITTEE OBLIGATIONS in RESEARCH Presentation: Changing Regulation & Ethics Committee Obligation in Research Registration with CDSCO, Accreditation of ECs, Re-registration of Ethics, Academic Clinical Trials,
Inspections of Ethics Committees- Dr. Sandhya Ravi
Panel Discussion: CR Regulations What Ethics Committee Members should know-Dr. Roli Mathur, Ms. Annam Visala, Dr. Denis Xavier,Mr. Bhavesh Acharya, Dr. Hilda Soloman. Wrap-up and Key Takeaways from the Session-Dr. Denis Challenges of conducting Oncology Studies, Cancer Epidemiology and its role in Designing Effective Clinical Studies Design, End Point Evaluation: Quality of Care, Quality of Life, Survival,Patient RecruitmentPatient Compliance & Retention, Study Conduct and Safety Reporting and Management, Dr. Preetha Rajaraman Panel Discussion: Challenges in Managing Oncology Clinical Trials and how they can be overcome- Dr. Surinder Kher,Dr. Chetan Tamhankar,Dr. Radhika Bobba, Ms. Swetha Khokale, Dr. Ramesh Jagannathan,Dr. Dhiraj Abhyankar Wrap-up and Key Takeaway from the Session- Dr. Surinder Kher
ICC Orations
HALL 7 Free Papers Beyond Oncology Program to be announced
HALL 8 Free Papers Psycho Oncology Program to be announced
0800 PM
Inauguration Cancer In Women - Optimizing resources "Light at the end of the tunnel" -
Edward L. Trimble, MD, MPH, Director, Center for Global Health
DAY - 2
10 November 2017
08:30-09:30 AM 09:30-10.00 AM 10.00-10:40 AM 10:40-11:00 AM 11:00-11:40 AM 11:40-12:10 PM 12:10-1:30PM
HALL 1 Free Papers 12:10-12:40PM Oration- Prof. Martine Piccart “The challenges of drug therapy escalation in breast cancer: Do we see light on the horizon?”
12:45-1:30PM Oration- Dr.
8:15-9:10AM 9:15-9:45AM 09:50 to 10:20AM 10:25-10:55 AM 11:00-11:35 AM 11:40 to 12:05PM 12:10-1:30PM
HALL 2 Breast cancer Free Papers Key Note: Obesity and cancer mechanisms - tumor micro environment and inflammation – Dr. Clifford Hudis
Should Neoadjuvant systemic therapy be the standard of care for all Operable breast cancer >2cms. Y/N - Each 10 mins
Discussion -
10 Mins
Key Note: Biosimilars – Game changers in the Asia Pacific region. – Dr. Hope Rugo Panel Discussion: Metastatic Breast Cancer- Defining newer strategies (Mol,Pathology, Imaging, Medical/Surgical/ Dr. Akamma Ravi Year - end review in Breast Cancer Med.onc
ICC Orations
08:15-09:10AM 9:15-9:45AM 9:50-10:25AM 10:30-11:00AM 11:05-11:35AM 11:40-12:05AM 12:10-1:30PM
HALL 3 Colo Rectal Cancer Free Papers Key Note: Molecular Profiling of Colon Cancer- does it refine our Management - Dr. Lenz

Minimal Invasive Colorectal Surgery - Dr. Nam kyu Kim - 15 mins
Short course versus long course chemo radiation in rectal cancer - Prof Najeeb M- 15 mins Discussion (5Mins)

Newer approach in Management of Liver Metastases - Dr. Steve White(15 Mins) Management of Neuroendocrine Tumours - Dr. Rodney Hicks (15 Mins)

Panel Discussion- Management of metastatic colo rectal cancer- redefining treatment at every turn.( Surgeon, Med Onco, Molecular Biologist-(Core)
Year - end review in Colorectal Cancer Med.onc
ICC orations
08:15-09:10AM  9.15-10.50AM 10.55-11.30AM 11.30-12.05 PM 12:10-1:30PM
HALL 4 Neuro Oncology Free Papers 1. Mol. changes in Gliomas. Dr. Meena J 20 mins
2. Recent WHO classification of Glioma
Dr. Vani - 15 mins
3.Brain metastases – Current management, ongoing research and prevention strategies Dr. Ashwatha Narayan -20 Mins 4. Neuro Cognitive issues- Dr.Tim Ahles - 15 mins 5. Late effects of Radiation in Pediatric CNS tumors- 20 Mins - Dr. Hanumantha
Discussion 5 Mins
Proton Therapy for Brain Tumor. (Dr. )  Panel discussion – Recurrent Gliomas - Many paths - What to choose???(Neurosurgeon, Medical Oncologist, Imaging, Radiation Oncologist, Psycho Oncology and Pathologist.) ICC orations
08:15-09:10AM 9.15-9.45 AM 9.50 -10.10 AM 10.15-10.35 AM 10.40 to 11.35 AM 11:40-12:05 PM 12:10-1:30PM
HALL 5 Lung Cancer Free Papers Key Note: Lung cancer biomarkers, targeted therapies and clinical
 assays -
Dr Ramaswamy Govindan
Checkpoint Inhibitors Impressive, but not a Replacement for Chemo therapy- Dr. Udayan Guha
Operable lung cancer poor performance status – Treatment options - Dr. Michael Brada
Panel Discussion: Stage 3 Lung cancer - Make the right choice.(Surgeon Medical Oncologist, Nuclear Medicine, Imaging, Radiation Oncologist, and Pathologist) Year - end review in lung Cancer
ORATION- No parallel sessions
8:30-09:15AM 09:20-10:00 AM 10:00-11:00 AM 11:00-12:00PM 2:30-3:30PM 3:30-5:30PM 12:00-1:30PM
HALL 6 Nuclear Medicine DEBATE: Best Imaging technique for Myocardial viability detection: Nuclear or MRI technique Detection of myocardial inflammation & intra cardiac device infections – Role of FDG PET CT

Quantification of myocardial blood flow: SPECT & PET Techniques

Lecture 1: Technical challenges in PET MR

Lecture 2: Response evaluation criteria used in PET

Dr. R D Lele Oration - Dr. Rodney Hicks, Melbourne Australia 2:30-2:50: Nuclear imaging in Epilepsy
2:50-3:10: Movement disorders imaging
3:10 – 3:30 pm: Potential role of PET MR in neurology
3 30 – 4 30 pm: Interactive case reading sessions
3 30 – 4 pm: Bone imaging
4 – 4 30 pm: SPECT CT / miscellaneous system
4 30 – 5 30 pm: Theme: General Nuclear medicine – What is new?
4 30 – 5 pm: Debate: Renogram vs MR Renogram
5 – 5 30 pm: Future Liver remnant estimation & FEV1 prediction by NM techniques
7:00-8:00PM GBM
ICC Oration
8:15-9:10AM 9:15-10:05AM 10.10- 11.35am 11:40-12:05PM
HALL 7 Geriatric & Supportive Care Free Papers Life expectancy in the next 20 years and its implications in cancer management - Dr. Purvish Parikh -15 mins
Role of SNP variations, drug metabolism and dose adjustment in geriatrics -
Dr. Prashant Mehta - 15 Mins
Lung cancer as model for geriatric management - Dr. - 15 Mins
Discussion: 05 Mins
Making life easy- Management of Cardiac Toxicities - Dr. Suma - 15 Mins
Mucositis - Himalayas - 15 Mins
Anti Fungal - 20 mins
Nutrition - 20 mins
Use of informatics in Geriatric Domicilary Care - 10 Mins Discussion: 10 mins

Year - end review
ICC Oration
DAY - 3
11 November 2017
08:15-09:10 AM 09:30-09:50 AM 09:50-10:30 AM 10:30-10:50 AM 10:50-11:40 AM 11:40-12:10 PM 12:10-1:30 PM
HALL 1 Free Papers 12.10-12:45pm Oration- Prof. Markus Büchler "Surgical Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer : Better Survival"
12:50-1:30 PM- Dr. Akhila N Vishwanathan "Global issues in radiation therapy and disparities in cervical cancer treatment"
08:15-09:10 AM 09:15-09:30 AM 09.35 to 10.10 AM 10.15 -10.35 AM 10.40 -11.40 AM 11:45-12:10 PM 12.10-1.30 PM
HALL 2 GU2 (Penile & Prostrate Cancer) Free Papers Upfront Chemo-Hormone Therapy in carcinoma prostate – Choosing the right patient.-Medical Oncology Neo adjuvant chemotherapy in Penile cancer - Med Onc Role of lymphadenectomy in Penile Cancer - Dr. Yuvraj -10 mins each
Discussion 5 Mins
Debate -High risk / locally advanced prostate cancer -Rad prostatectomy by Dr. Raghunath & Radiation by Dr(RT)- (10 mins)each and wrap around -5 mins ASTRO Symposium 1. Key Note: Hypofractionation in prostate cancer - Do we have enough evidence. - Dr. Alvaro Martinez - 30 mins
Panel discusion Castrate resistant prostate cancer - way forward Med Onco, Dr. Ajay Sandhu, Nuclear Medicine, Pathologist-(30 mins)
Year - end review in Penile & Prostrate Cancer Med.onc
ICC Oration
08:15-09:10 9.15 - 9.45am 9.50 -10.20 am 10.25-10.45 am 10.50-11.35am 11:40-12:10 pm 12.10-1.30 pm
HALL 3 Breast Free Papers Key Note: Evolution of NCCN Clinical Practice Guideline - Its relevance in Indian Context. - Dr. Robert Carlson Screening mammography – is it a boon or a bane in developing countries - Dr. Ismail Jatoi VS Dr. Shastri - 10 mins each and summing up of 10 mins Role of Surgery for primary in Advanced Breast Cancer - Dr. Budwe  
Panel Discussion: Young women with early breast cancer - Life Beckons!
Year - end review in Breast Med.onc RT Surgery ICC Oration
08:15-09:10 AM 9:15-9:45AM 9.50 -10.20 AM 10.25-10.55 AM 11.00-11.40am 11:45-12:10 pm 12.10-1.30 pm
HALL 4 Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Cancer Free Papers ​ ​*Nomogram for individual prognosis of patients with HCC - Dr. Donald Weaver *Intra Hepatic Cholangio Carcinoma What is new?? - Dr. Kelly Mcmasters (15Mins Each) Advanced HCC -are we making a head way??
Panel discussion on Nuclear Medicine, Interventional Radiologist, Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiation Oncology
Liver resection VS Transplantation for HCC with chronic liver disease. Speaker 1. Dr. Derek Manas - 10 mins , 2. National - 10 mins
Discussion - 10 mins
Borderline resectable pancreatic cancer - upfront treatment - Surgeon - Dr. Richard Charnley, RT - Medical - Each 10 mins
Discussion - 10 mins
Year - end review in Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Cancer Med.onc RT Surgery ICC Oration
08:15-09:10 AM 9.15 - 09.45 AM 9.50-10.20 AM 10.25-10.55 AM 11.05-11.40 AM 11:40-12:10 pm 12.10-1.30 pm
HALL 5 Endometrial & Cervix Free Papers Key Note :Brachytherapy in cervical cancer – Do techniques matter in survival Dr. Nisar Syed Key Note: Changing Paradigms in the Treatment of Endometrial Cancer - Dr. Dattatraya Nori
What’s new in cervical cancer screening - Dr Ravi Mehrotra (15Mins) Photodynamic Therapy in Gynecological Malignancies- Dr. Shasi Lele(15Mins) Panel Discussion - Fertility sparing in young patients with early stages of gynecological cancer - Hope not Hype!! Dr. Manjeet Chadha

Year - end review in Gynec Oncology Med.onc RT Surgery ICC Oration
08:15-09:10 AM 9.15-9.35 AM 9.40 to 10.00 AM 10.05-10.45 AM 10.50- 11.35 AM 11.40-12.10 PM 12.10-1.30 PM
HALL 6 Bone & Soft Tissue Free Papers Histology driven management of soft tisue sarcomas -Dr. Sant P Chawla Journey of limb salvage surgery in India - Dr. *** Case discussion -Management of osteo sarcomas - Impetus on Limb Salvage (Imaging Ortho, Medical Oncology, Pathology) Panel Discussion:Management of PNET tumours - Truly multimodal(Nuclear Medicine, Ortho, Medical Oncology, Pathology, Radiation, (Core) - C) (30Mins) Bone bank- need of the hour- Dr. Puri (TMH)(10Mins) Wrap up (5Mins) Year - end review in Bone & Soft Tissues Med.onc RT Surgery ICC Oration
08:15-09:10 AM 9:15-9:45 AM 9:50-10:30 AM 10:35-11:20 AM 11:25-12:05PM 12.10 -01.30 PM
HALL 7 Epidemiology Free Papers Cancer trends in India : - Dr. GK Rath - 15 mins Cancer care issues specific to low to middle income countries - Dr. Chandrakanth Are - 15 mins
Need for Cancer as notifiable disease in India-Dr. Mathur - 15 mins
Hurdles in making cancer a notifiable disease - how we did it? -Dr. Shalini Rajneesh - 15 mins
Discussion : 10 mins
(1) Strengthening MCCD using NCDIR E –Mor- Dr. Sukanya - 10 mins
(2)Digitizing Cancer Registration in India -
Ms. Roselind - 10 Mins (3) Cancer Survival in Indian Perspective-Dr. Debjit Chakraborty - 10 Mins
Discussion: 15 Mins
Cancer awareness and screening 2:30 till 4:30-management of common cancers and palliative care-case discussion ICC Oration
08.30-09.30 AM 09.30-11:00 AM 11.00-12.00 PM 2.30 -4.45 PM 12.00-01.30 PM
Hall 8
Nuclear Medicine
Best paper award session: Oral Presentations 9 30 – 11 am Nuclear thyroidology
9 30 – 10 15 am: Debate: ATA vs ETA / NCCN Guidelines on DTC Management. 10 15 – 10 40 am: TENIS: Evaluation & Management
10 40 - 11 am: Relevance of Thyroglobulin, Anti Tg Antibody in DTC
Dr. S K Sharma oration Dr Kavitha N, Hyderabad Interactive case reading session by Dr. Rodney Hicks
Panel Discussion – Therapeutic Nuclear medicine
Present & Future role of MIBG Therapy, SIRT, Lu TATE, PSMA & Alpha Therapy
ICC Oration
DAY - 4
12 November 2017
HALL 1 Free Papers 12:10-12:45 Oration-Prof. Mahul B. Amin"The Eight edition of the AJCC TNM Staging Manual - Vision, Mission and path to Personalized Comprehensive Classification"
12:45-01:30PM Oration - Dr.  
8:15 - 09.10 AM 9.15 -9.35 AM 09.40 -10.05 AM 10.10 -10.35AM 10.40 -11.40 AM 11:45-12:05 PM 12:10-1:30 PM
HALL 2 Kidney & Bladder Free Papers Clinical Insights in Optimal Care of advanced RCC -Medical Oncology Role of Nephron sparing surgery- Dr. Seshadri (UK) Vs Role of Radical Nephrectomy - Dr. Rawat (10min Each) Imaging after Nephron Sparing Surgery- Dr. Parvathi (10 Mins) Wrap Up (05 Mins) Optimising outcomes at every stage of urinary bladder cancer - do we pratice it ??-Dr. Kurshid Guru Radical Cystectomy Vs Bladder Preservation -Rad Cystectomy by Dr Badrinath Konety (USA) & Bladder preservation by Dr Vedant Murthy (TMH) -(15 mins Each)
Panel discussion on Advanced Urinary Bladder - Optimise the resources. RT, Medical, Uro, Imaging -30 mins
Year - end review in
Kidney and Bladder Med.onc
ICC Oration
8:15 - 09.10 AM 9.15 - 09.45AM 9:50 -10.35 AM 10.40-10.55 AM 11.00-11.45AM 11.45 - 12.05 PM & 2.30 - 04.30 12:10-1:30
HALL 3 Onco Nursing Free Papers Cancer Scenario in India Prevention of cancer (Cervical Cancer screening) 1. Diagnosis of Cancer (Diagnostic tests) 2. Treatment modalities for Cancer 3.Central Line Catheter Care Prevention of Infection 1. Pain Management
2. Lymph oedema Management
Stoma Care
1. Burn out in nurses
2. Communication Skill
Case presentations and Bio- Medical Waste Management
ICC Oration
8:15 - 09.10 AM 9.15-9:35AM 9:40-10.15AM 10.20-10.55AM 11.00-11.40AM 11.45 - 12.05 PM 12:10-1:30
HALL 4 Ovarian Cancer Free Papers BRCA mutations and improving treatment precision through genomics - Dr. Amit Oza HIPEC in ovarian cancer – Hype or hope? - Dr. Claudio VS Dr. Shona Nag - 15 mins each
5 Mins - Wrap up
State of the art: Platinum-resistant disease - 15 mins
Optimal residual tumor in Ovarian Cancer improves survival - But how far do we go?? Dr. Bafna - 15 mins
Discussion: 5 mins D
Panel discussion – Redefining treatment strategies. Recurrent Ovarian Cancer Year - end review in Ovarian
ICC Oration
8:15 - 09.10 AM 10.00-10.40AM 10.40-11.00AM 11.00-11.40AM
HALL 5 Ayush Free Papers Program to be announced
8:15 - 09.10 AM 9.15 -9.45AM 9:50 -11.05 AM 11.10-11.30 AM 11.30-12.05AM 12.10 - 01.30pm
HALL 6 Palliative Care Free Papers Key Note Address: Guidelines to include Palliative Care in Standard Oncology
Dr M R Rajgopal, (Trivandrum ) Dr. Linge Gowda
Panel Discussion:
1.Role of Palliative care Physician During the Trajectory of - Oncology Treatment - Dr. Manjula, Chennai
2.Interventional management in Palliative care-Dr. Raghavendra
3.Innovations in Psychological Interventions-Dr. Chitra Venkateswarwn, Kerala
4.Complicated Grief Therapy-Dr. Prabhachandra
5.New developments in care givers Care- Dr. Prince, Pune
6.Hyperalgesia(rare adverse effect)with strong Opioids- Ms. G Saroja
7.Advanced care planning- Dr. Shoba Nair
8. Specialist P.C V/S General P.C- Dr. Ramamani
Moderator-Dr. P.Saraswathi Devi
Recent advances in Opioid routes of administration. Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar, New Delhi Debate ( Pros & Cons Session )
In patient Hospice Care in India. Is it necessaryDr. Nagesh Simha,
Dr. Ramanan, (15 Mins each)
Moderator :
Dr. Stanley Mecaden
03.15 - 04.15 PM
Is Euthanasia Relevant in our country?
Dr. Prabha Seshachar
For; Prof. Umesh M Shetty Against: Prof. Mary Ann Muckaden Pall Medicine
Case Discussion - Dr. Prince
ICC Oration
8:15 - 09.10 AM 9.15 -09:45AM 09.50-11:05AM 11:10– 12.05 PM & 2.30-4.30PM 12.10-1.30pm
HALL 7 Pathology- Breaking Convention!! Free Papers Newer Molecular techniques in Cancer Management – Dr. Ramesh K H - (15 mins)

PAN cancer anyalsis of CT DNA and CF DNA-(15 mins)
Key note The future of surgical pathology in the era of molecular diagnosis - Dr. A. Borges -(25 mins)
*Risk stratification in early Breast Cancer- Genetic Assay
(Core) VS IHC(4markers)- Right Choice for Indian Scenario?? Prof Rekha 10 mins each and 5 mins conclusion) *IHC Vs Gene profiling in MUO (Core) ( 10 Mins each conclusion 5 Mins)
Next Generation Sequencing and Beyond in management of Cancers–Where do we stand. (15 Mins)
*Advanced Breast Cancer - How can we guide the clinicians (panel discussion)
(40 Mins) (Med, Surgical, Radiation, Molecular Biologist (Prema)

Slide seminar- Genito-urinary-Dr. M.B. Amin
PD1 & PD-L1 IHC : the travails of pathological interpretation- Dr. Gita Mukherjee
Slide seminar- Dr. Rekha, Dr. Hazarika to decide
ICC Oration
8:15 - 09.10AM 9.15 -9:45AM 9.55-10.40AM 10.45-11.35AM 11.40-12.05PM 12.10-1.30pm
Hall 8 Pediatric Solid Tumours Free Papers Integrating Genomics into clinical practice of Pediatric solid tumours - Dr. Suresh Janwar (20 mins ) Indian Experience (10 Mins)(Strand)
Risk stratification and management in Wilms Tumour - Ped Onc. -15 mins High risk Neuroblastoma, what's the way forward - 15 mins Discussion 5 Retinoblastoma - They Live & see - Dr. Santosh- 15 Mins Pediatric Orbital Tumors - 20mins - Dr. VA Reddy Panel Discussion on small round cell tumours - 30 Min (Ped Onco, Surgeon, Radiation) Brachythearpy in Pediatric Solid tumors (Dr. Subir Nag) -15 mins
Late Effects in Childhood Survivors - Dr. Poorna Kurkure
ICC Oration

Dr. Bapsy Padmanabhan
Chairperson - Scientific Committee
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Off Double Road, Lalbagh Road, Bangalore - 560027
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